For Sale

Evita fan it Pomblebled

Studbook Mare

Imported Netherlands

Foaled: 20/04/2001

In Foal to Elko (Imp) Friesian


Due to foal Dec 2018

Available for Sale to Loving home

$30,000 plus GST

In Foal to Elko


Evita has bred quality Gramayre Friesian Horses.

Sadly due to Stud reduction we are offering

most of our beautiful Friesian Mares for sale 

to Knowledgable and loving homes.

Our Mares all enjoy the best of care and nutition,

have not been bred every season to ensure

a long and happy and productive breeding life

for years to come. 

Here are a few of the quality horses 

Evita has bred to date.

Gramayre Saor


Gramayre Adonis


Gramayre Kane


Gramayre De Ja Vu


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