Gramayre Soul Bear

Coloured Baroque Warmblood

Friesian Knabstrupper Bloodlines

Foaled 12/11/2020

$10,000 plus GST

Soul Bear is the son of our Beautiful

Imported Purebred Friesian Mare,

Evita fan it Pomblebled.

This special Colt is half brother to

our Stud Stallion,

Gramayre Saor.

Soul Bear has been bred to excell as a 

Future Sport Horse, 

 riding competion, jumping, eventing,

dressage, working equitation,

the sky is the limit for this Baroque breed


Friendly, bold nature. 

Video Below

Most recent photos from the top down



Gramayre Soul Bear



Evita fan it Pomblebled

 (Imp) Purebred Friesian  


Gramayre Flash Bear

75% Knabstrupper  25% Appaloosa

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