$20,000 plus GST

3 in 1 package

                    Gramayre Siezelle (Imp)

             Purebred Studbook Friesian Mare

                     Imported Netherlands

                      Foaled:  14.02.2005

                       Video of Siezelle at bottom of page





       This stunning mare is available for sale.

             Siezelle was imported in from the


       Her Family line includes Ster, Ster, Ster,

               Preferent and Ster Preferent.

    Siezelle is a Baroque style of mare, she has 

    a beautiful mind, and lovely movement and

    elevation.  Siezelle is a pleasure to handle

    in every way, very gentle a truly wonderful


    Siezelle is due to foal later in 2018, this foal 

            will be offered for separate sale.

  Siezelle is offered for sale empty or in foal to 

  Gramayre Saor, with the offer of a second

  service to Gramayre Saor, which would make

  her sale a 3 in 1 package.

  Siezelle would make a wonderful riding, show

 and competion horse, she would be magnificent 

     in harness, she has a beautiful extension

                  and high knee action.

           Dam:  Siebrig fan Henswoude (Imp)

                    Studbook Ster Mare

                          Sire: Riemer

                     Picured below are

            Siezelles Sons and Daughters

                       Gramayre Kadir

                   Sire: Gramayre Saor

                       (Imp) Friesian

                       Gramayre Makato


                           Sire: Maiko

                         (Imp) Friesian

                      Gramayre Xante

             Sire: Lori's Flashpiont Af Lyn

                  (Imp) Knabstrupper

                         Gramayre Demmii

                       Sire: Gramayre Saor

                          (Imp) Friesian




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