Arctic Flash

Friesian T'bred cross

Knabstrupper Colt

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Arctic playing with Peter

Arctic is a stunning near Leopard colt.

His Dam Dasharna, is the most beautiful of

horses, both physically and her wonderful

nature. She is 75% Friesian 25% T'bred.

His Sire is the Champion Showjumping Stallion,

Knabstrupper, Loris' Flashpoint Af Lyn.

With parents like these he will mature to 

be one fantastic horse!

He has been bred to become a sporting

superstar, athletic, great nature, very trainable,

with WOW look at me spotted all over him.

Arctic has the genetics worthy of remaining 

a stallion, along with the ability to go far

in any sport.

Arctic Flash is a dream horse!

$10,000 plus GST


Gramayre Dasharna

75% Friesian

25% T'bred


Loris' Flashpoint Af Lyn (Imp)



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