Congratulations Kirsty

Gramayre  Draaken

Purebred Friesian Gelding

Foaled  28/11/2017

$15,000 plus GST

Video below


We have filmed Draaken with

his older brother Vardon, the 

reason for this is to display

how Draaken will mature.

Draaken is extremely

similar to Vardon at the same

age, we are very confident

he will mature to be

almost identical.

Both are exceptional 

quality Friesian horses.

Gramayre Vardon has been

retained by Gramayre Stud

as one of our personal

riding horses.

Vardon front Draaken behind

Vardon front Draaken behind

Vardon right Draaken left

Video filmed Jan 2019

Video filmed 2018



Drakken is a beautiful boy, friendly, confident, and

trusting . He has fantastic movement with great elevation,

he has a strong play drive with a look at me attitide.

He will mature to be a truly impressive horse. 

Drakken has the breeding and abilty to become

a wonderful dressage sport horse.

$15,000 plus GST


Saor (Imp)

 Purebred Friesian Stallion


Christa B(Imp)

Friesian Stud Book Mare

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