Gramayre Saor

Purebred Friesian Stallion

Friesian Foal Book Stallion

(Imp Netherlands)
Registration No. 036 004 200 506 138
Saor will stand at Stud and be available for service (live cover only) to a limited number of 20 mares. 
Breeding Contracts will apply and mares will be accepted at the stud on a first-in basis. The stud seasons will commence on the 31st of August each year and conclude on the 31st of January of each year. Chilled semen will become available during the 2009 season onwards. Additional mares will also be accepted at the stud for service from 2009 onwards. Gramayre Friesian Horse Stud is a breeding facility that utilises Veterinary Surgeons with extensive experience in Equine Reproduction. The stud manager is also qualified in Artificial Insemination.
Mares often arrive at the stud at the start of their cycle, (lifting tail, winking/peeing and showing interest to the stallion). This procedure is accepted by the stud providing all contractual agreements regarding vaccination and pre-breeding evaluation has been conducted on the mare and all documentation regarding same, has been received at the stud, prior to the mare arriving. Once the mare has been inseminated, the mare is generally retained at the stud until both a 14 day and 45 day pregnancy test has been conducted and the mare has been confirmed in foal. This procedure would also be at the discretion of the mare owner who may return the mare home and have a suitably qualified Veterinary Surgeon conduct the pregnancy tests and provide the stud with the report containing the result, prior to the service certificate being issued. Geographical location/weather conditions at a given time of the year where the mare normally resides, will determine the mares most suitable foaling down date. (Generally in the warmer months that will benefit the foal) Mares should commence arriving at the stud during the same month in which you desire the foal to be born. For example, your preference would be for the foal to be born in October. The mare should arrive at the stud prior to the end of October. The mare would then be inseminated on the first cycle during November for an October foal. The foaling date would be influenced by the mare's ability to conceive. If the mare does not conceive on her first cycle in November, the foal may be born 3 weeks later as a result of inseminating on the following cycle. Mare's gestation period is considered normal at 340 days, (2 weeks either side is also considered normal)
Benefits of the mare being agisted at the stud include the ability to inseminate the mare over weekends if required. During the breeding season, stud staff and veterinary surgeons are available 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day. Mares are only accepted at the stud once the mare owner has provided the stud with a veterinary report that incorporates, a pre breeding evaluation indicating the mare is fit for breeding (Can also be conducted at the stud by arrangement) and a veterinary report indicating that the mare is free of EI (Equine Influenza) and has been vaccinated for EHV, Strangles and Tetanus. (Mare owner must provide report and vaccination history prior to travelling to stud, generally at the time of returning signed breeding contract. Gramayre Stud endeavours to assist our clients from the initial breeding to foaling down if required. We prefer that mares foal down naturally with minimal supervision. Stud facilities include large supervised foaling down stables with dim lighting. The mares are fitted with foaling alarms and cameras monitor individual stables to ensure labour is detected. We monitor all mares when they commence foaling and provide the necessary supervision and assistance to ensure the foal is born safely, is free from the placenta, is able to stand and suckle, urinate and defecate. If required enema's are given to assist. Foal imprinting can be conducted upon owner's request. Quarantine facilities approved by Aqis are available at the stud if required.
For additional information please print out a copy of the breeding contract from the breeding contract link and contact the stud if you require further information.
Gramayre Friesian Horse Stud looks forward to providing you with a very professional service, undertaken by experienced staff.

Video of Gramayre Saor

Pictured below are a few of Saor's Progeny



Gramayre Flash Bear

75% Knabstrupper stallion

25% Appaloosa

Baroque coloured Warmblood.

Fewspot Leopard

Guaranteed colour for all of his Sons and Daughters


This Beautiful young Stallion has the looks, the flowing ground covering movement,

and the most  wonderful nature with both horses and people.

All of his progeny are blessed with his gentle friendly nature and a good dose 

of colour,  stunning trainable horses with the WOW factor.

Flash runs with his herd of Friesian Mares. 

He is available for live cover.


Video of "Gramayre Flash Bear"

Pictured below are a few of Flash Bears Progeny

to give examples of colour and qaulity expected

in your future foal.   




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